2021 “July morning” news roundup

It’s that time of the year again. I’m happy to announce that I’ve been renewed as Microsoft MVP in both the Office Apps & Services and Enterprise Mobility categories. That makes it 7 years now, so here’s hoping for 7 more 🙂

And it’s also the release date for the Office 365 for IT Pros book, our book-as-a-service product, and the definitive source of information for admins and IT Pros working with Microsoft 365. The new, 8th edition, packs a total of 1250 pages and 600000 words, all of which I had to review in my role of Technical Editor (which explains why I have been quiet here for the past few weeks). For this release, we’ve welcomed Gareth and Christina as new additions to the author team and made some reorganizations of the content. Read more about it in Tony’s post here.

Last, but not least, this week also marked the 10th anniversary of Office 365. The service has been a tremendous success for Microsoft, which makes the lack of coverage for this impressive milestone that much puzzling. I suppose the marketing folks haven’t been around long enough to remember the initial release back in 2011 🙂

We at Practical 365 (and Quest) got you covered on that though, with a plethora of content coming out, or already published. Tune in to hear from our experts, MVPs and thought leaders on how Office 365 changed their carrier.

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