About me

Welcome to my webpage! I had to abandon SPO as the hosting location and the current version is hosted as Azure app service. Apologies for the quick and dirty look, toying with HTML/CSS is definitely not one of my favorites 🙂

Here are some quick facts about me:

  • Male, named Vasil Michev, Bulgarian, not that young anymore.
  • I own a PhD in Physics (Electrical, magnetic and optical properties of the condensed matter to be more precise) and have several publications in collaboration with my tutor, Naoum Karchev. You can browse the list of our publications for example here.
  • I’ve chosen IT as my career path and I’m currently employed at CoreView, dealing mostly with Office 365 related stuff.
  • My Microsoft transcript includes certifications for Office 365, Windows Server, Exchange Server and more. Feel free to browse it here.
  • For a complete resume, refer to my LinkedIn profile here. For personal traits and interests, you will have to buy me a cookie first. Or a cake. Or a cookie cake 🙂
  • I spend a lot of my free time helping others over at the Microsoft Tech Community, Experts Exchange, Q&A forums and some other O365 focused places. Links to my profiles are available on the MVP page above.
  • I write the occasional blog post here, on ENow’s Solution Engine blog or at Practical365.com.
  • I’ve also help with the editing of the best Office 365 book available on the market, Office 365 for IT Pros. The book is written by some of the best experts in the area and it’s constantly updated to reflect the changes in the service, in short it’s a must-have for anyone interested in Office 365.
  • I was awarded the Microsoft MVP Award for Office 365 on Oct 1st, 2014 and re-awarded Oct 1st, 2015 and Oct 1st, 2016. Due to changes in the renewal process, my 4th MVP award date was July 1st, 2018. On July 1st, 2019, I was awarded as Microsoft MVP in both the Enterprise Mobility and Security and the Office Apps and Services categories. Same thing keeps happening every July 1st since 🙂