Renewed as MVP and the 2020 edition of Office 365 for IT Pros is out

Time for our yearly update. The good folks at Microsoft have renewed my MVP award for another year. This time around, I’m awarded for two categories: Office Apps & Services and Enterprise Mobility. This officially makes it my fifth year in the program, although technically I’m 5 years 9 months in (first awarded October 2014). It continues to be an honor to be part of this select group of individuals and I hope my contributions on the different communities continue to bridge the gap between Microsoft and their customers and occasionally even help people.

In other news, the latest, 6th edition of the Office 365 for IT Pros eBook has been released today. With most of Microsoft’s announcements in the past years happening around the Ignite timeframe, we pondered whether we should change the release date. Keeping it as July 1st allows us to do a more comprehensive review of the existing content and clear up any remaining issues in the next month or two. As the book is constantly updated with new information, the authors will of course make sure to quickly catch up on any interesting features we hear about or see at this year’s Ignite conference.

The new edition is down to 1115 pages, with 344 more as part of the companion volume. There has been a slight reorganization in the list of chapters, which we believe correctly reflects the current state of Office 365 products and services. You can get the new edition from either (PDF/EPUB version) or Amazon (Kindle). And you can get additional details as well as information about the upgrade offer for existing subscribers from Tony’s latest blog post over at

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