The Office 365 Admin center now features Dark Mode

Short update, but it might make some people happy – the Office 365 Admin Center now features a Dark theme/mode. You can toggle it by navigating to the Home page ( and clicking the corresponding link on top (the toggle can only be found on the Home page). Here’s a sneak peak:

O365ACDarkSadly, the Home page seems to be the only one that actually supports this, for example this is how the Groups page will look like with Dark mode toggled:

O365ACDark1I’m sure other parts of the portal will be updated in due time. And I’m sure it will be appreciated by the likes of me, that occasionally open the portal on a large monitor during night time.

2 thoughts on “The Office 365 Admin center now features Dark Mode

  1. Jeff Sepeta says:

    However, switching back to light mode, the color used for buttons is PINK, which is nearly illegible.


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