Controlling access to SCC functionalities via PowerShell

The Security and Compliance Center is the one-stop destination for all your compliance-related needs in Office 365, and as such controlling access to the functionalities exposed in it is very, very important. While we do get the familiar RBAC model, some limitations apply and we cannot get as granular as we can with the Exchange Online model.

On the other hand, thanks to the new Search permissions filtering feature, we can get very granular when it comes to controlling the scope and actions available for eDiscovery operations. Remember, the SCC works across all Office 365 workloads, not just Exchange, and thanks to this functionality we can limit the eDiscovery officer to just the designated mailboxes or sites. What’s even more impressive, we can limit results to only specific content, regardless of the keywords the eDiscovery officer included in the search query!

To get more details and examples of using this functionality, read the full article on ENow’s blog:

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