Office 365 Permissions Inventory scripts

As the “quickly list permissions” articles are still the most popular ones on my blog, and there’s still a lot of interest in running a “permissions inventory” types of reports, I decided to run a blog series focused on the subject. Each article will tackle a particular type of permissions and will present my take on what a proper PowerShell based script would look like.

I’ve tried to use the simplest approach possible for each case, while also making sure that speed-related improvements are not overlooked. This includes the use of server-side filtering where applicable and the use of Invoke-Command to get only the minimum required object data. Of course, every organization has different needs, so I don’t expect my approach to help in all cases. After all there are many other similar scripts available on the internet, and they’re all plain text – take one and adapt it to your needs.

Anyway, without further ado, here are the articles and the corresponding scripts, in chronological order:

Next, we will look into building a Forwarding inventory, so that you have a quick way on reporting which users in the organization are forwarding messages.

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