New version of the SharePoint Online module for PowerShell available

​There’s a new version of the SPO PowerShell module available, which you can download from here:

The version went up to 16.0.4219.1200. Only one new cmdlet was introduced: Get-SPOMigrationJobProgress, which brings the total number of available cmdlets to 41. The following cmdlets were changed:

  • Submit-SPOMigrationJob (added the ShowProgress parameter)
  • Get-SPOSite (added the DisableSharingForNonOwnersStatus switch, throws an error)
  • New-SPOMigrationPackage (added the NoADLookup parameter)
  • Set-SpoTenant (has 3 new parameters: ProvisionSharedWithEveryoneFolder, SignInAccelerationDomain and UsePersistentCookiesForExplorerView)
  • Set-SPOSite (gets a DisableSharingForNonOwners parameter, doesn’t seem to work yet)

The biggest changes seem to be around the Set-SPOTenant cmdlet, which will also seem to have the biggest impact. Persisting cookies for Explorer view might as well solve the long standing problem with the “Open with explorer” functionality and/or Mapped drives, though enabling them for any security-focused company seems like a risk. The other parameter seems to allow us to control whether the “Shared with everyone” folder will be provisioned for new users.

As for the Get/Set-SPOSite cmdlet changes, disabling the share functionality for non-owners is another welcome addition, though it doesn’t seem to work as of yet.

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