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OneDrive for Business “deleted a large number of files” email notification

Hey folks, look at what landed in my Inbox yesterday: This is not a spam or a clever phishing message, it’s a legitimate email notification sent from SharePoint Online, as one can verify by looking at the headers. So why … Continue reading

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Remove sharing permissions on all files in users’ OneDrive for Business

A while back I posted a “proof of concept” article/script about enumerating all shared files across your Office 365/OneDrive for Business environment. The script used the Graph API endpoints to get a list of users within your tenant, then for … Continue reading

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Another Office 365 compliance issue swept under the rug

A while back, I was made aware of an interesting issue, namely the fact that OneDrive for Business users can disable indexing for their own drives, effectively disabling functionalities such as eDiscovery or DLP. This of course is yet another … Continue reading

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Next round of PowerShell “inventory” scripts

For those of you that don’t follow (why!?), here’s the next round of PowerShell scripts I published. The first one addresses a gap that Microsoft has left unfilled for years now, namely reporting on any files that your OneDrive … Continue reading

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Improved handling for Modern Attachments in OWA

Modern attachments are one of the features that can have significant positive impact on your productivity and collaboration with others. Instead of emailing document copies all day long just to compare a few edited paragraphs, they allow you to centrally store the … Continue reading

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