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After clinging for a long, long time to the good old Twenty ten WordPress theme, it was time to update to something more modern, responsive and all that crap. So I set to do just that over the past few days, browsing over gazillion different themes and not liking anything. What’s even worse, as part of the process I stumbled at the news that PHP will be dropping support for Microsoft installs, which in turn meant heaving to deal with yet another set of workarounds if I wanted to keep my existing Windows-powered App Service.

So after a quick search for the alternatives, I stumbled into several recommendations to use the recently introduced, container-powered WordPress on Azure App Service solution. While I cannot say I’m a big fan of containers and the “cattle” approach overall, I can appreciate some of the benefits they offer, so I decided to just go for it this time. Of course, the migration did not go as planned, and I had to do some steps manually, but more or less most of the blog’s content should be available in its new home.

I can say with certainty that the experience with new App Service feels much faster, and it should, considering a Windows-based instance with equivalent hardware configuration is almost half the price. What’s not faster is troubleshooting even the tiniest of issues, and I spend good few hours yesterday trying to understand while theme fonts are not being loaded by the browser. Yet few more hours went in tinkering with the theme itself, as I always seem to find something minor that bugs the hell out of me. But that’s my own problem 🙂

Anyway, without further ado, meet the new and improved blog. It should perform faster, is fully responsive and will work on smaller screens and devices (for all the masochists looking at my code samples on an iPhone), and should be lighter on the eyes thanks to the dark theme. I imagine there will be the occasional broken link or missing image, but do let me know if you run into any annoyance.

2 thoughts on “Meet the new blog

  1. Tatu Seppälä says:

    Congratulations on the new blog platform! It’s definitely a snappy user experience. 👍 Thanks for all the great content so far – a lot of it has been very useful.


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