Access Reviews for group membership and assigned applications in Azure AD

The Access Reviews feature was recently introduced over at the EMS blog, and is now available in Preview. It’s an easy to use feature that allows for self-service management of group membership across distribution groups, security groups and Office 365 Groups, as well as application access. Well, self-service perhaps isn’t the correct word here, as the review needs to be triggered and the results applied by an administrator, but still, major parts of the process can be offloaded to the actual members of the group, thus there is no need for the admin to chase each of them individually.

In the future, Microsoft is planning to expand this feature to cover the full Guest user lifecycle, provide scheduling capabilities and programmatic access. Perhaps they might also address some of the shortcomings of the feature, such as the lack of support for dynamic groups and some of the “first-party” apps, and most importantly, the heavy price tag of the Azure AD Premium P2 license.

Read the full article here.

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