Free eBook: Eradicating legacy Public folders

Public folders have existed for a long time now and many companies are facing challenges fitting them in the “digital workspace” vision. Microsoft hasn’t been particularly helpful in this regard, with no new client-facing functionality introduced to Public folders in over a decade. Even when a company decides to replace their Public folders with some of the new modalities available in Office 365, the migration tools offered by Microsoft leave a lot to be desired, and the situation with analyzing the hierarchy and making a proper decision on which target is most suitable is even worse.

In an effort to raise some awareness to the issues surrounding Public folders use in a modern world, myself, Dan Clark and Steve Goodman teamed up and published an independent eBook on the subject. Two other MVPs helped us in the process, namely Tony Redmond (editor of the eBook) and Siegfried Jagott (aka “Mr. Public folder”).

The eBook covers the history of Public folders, the most common usage case scenarios we have seen over the years, and the possible replacement features/products to consider. Moreover, we tried to include a comprehensive set of criteria, which one can use to evaluate whether a particular target, such as Office 365 Groups is a good choice for Public folder replacement. We also tried to include some bits on the analysis and migration tools offered by Microsoft, as well as coverage of some of the 3rd party tools available on the market.

You can download the eBook for free by registering at this address: Quadrotech has offered sponsorship, but other than that is not affiliated with the process in any form, so rest assured that this is not a marketing publication. Even though one of Quadrotech products is indeed mentioned in the eBook, this is only done in the context of the independent reviews section, authored by the well-known and respected MVP Steve Goodman. Alternatively, you can get the eBook directly at

If you do happen to read the book, feel free to give us feedback and recommendations!

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