Skype for Business Online PowerShell finally supports Modern authentication!

Short, but important – a new version of the Skype for Business Online PowerShell module has been released, which brings support for ADAL. Finally!

Connecting to SfB Online PowerShell works as before, you need to use the New-CsOnlineSession to create a session, then use the Import-PSSession to download all the cmdlets. The difference is that instead of passing a Credentials object, you can use the New-CsOnlineSession with just the username to trigger the ADAL flow:

New-CsOnlineSession -UserName

Behind the scenes, this will fire up the Get-CsAccessToken cmdlet to obtain the token from Azure AD. The familiar dialog will popup and after entering the password, you will have to perform the second-factor authentication, in this case Azure MFA:

042517 1724 SkypeforBus1

And pretty much that’s it. You will be connected and the SfB Online cmdlets downloaded. With that, there’s practically no excuse to not have some form of MFA enabled for all you tenant admins.

You can download the new version (7.0.1045.0 or as reported via PowerShell) from the Microsoft Download Center here:

Oh, apparently the good news don’t stop here – the SharePoint Online PowerShell module also has ADAL support now. Get the new version here:

And in case you have missed it, the Azure RMS PowerShell module also supports ADAL:

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