I will be presenting at the Office 365 Engage conference

The Office 365 Engage conference will take place in Haarlem, NL, during the week of June 19-22, 2017. I will be joining a large group of other MVPs that will be presenting sessions over 6 different tracks, with strong focus on Office 365 instead of the individual workloads.

The sessions I will be presenting are two: What’s new in Office 365 Security and Modern authentication for the Office 365 Administrator. They both fall under the Office 365 Administration track.

My choice of sessions was governed by the fact that many important security related settings and controls remain unnoticed by Office 365 administrators, because there is no single place to configure these. Even though the new Admin portal and Security and Compliance Center brought some of them together, many controls are still scattered across the individual workload admin portals or the Azure portal. Even the announcements for such new features are published on different platforms and it’s very hard to keep track of them. I’ve published several blog posts that summarize new additions over the course of the last year or so, and I thought it would be a good idea to present a session that spans across all of them, including of course all the latest news. I hope that reminding people of the existence of such controls and showing some live demos (if the demo gods are willing) would result in a valuable session.

Then of course there is Modern authentication, which is the silent hero that made possible many of these new additions. Modern authentication has been around for years now, so it’s hardly something new to talk about. Still, there are some new things to discuss around it, like support for ExO remote PowerShell and (finally!) support for token revocation and customizable token lifetimes. Even without those new additions, the topic is worth revisiting just to remind people about all the benefits we get with Modern authentication and to discuss some issues that might arise after you make the switch. Rest assured, it will not be a programmer oriented session, but a practical approach with the Office 365 administrator at mind!

Hit me up if you can think of something specific you want discussed around these topics, and as always feedback is welcomed!

The full session list for Office 365 Engage can be found here: https://office365engage.com/sessions/

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