New OWA onboarding process in Office 365

The new First Run experience for OWA has started rolling in a datacenter near you. Here are some screenshots of the steps the user is taken trough:

  • The initial screen, Welcome to Outlook

030717 1053 NewOWAonboa1

  • Setting up the Time zone and Language settings

030717 1053 NewOWAonboa2


  • Selecting your Theme. A “tenant default” option would be handy here.

030717 1053 NewOWAonboa3


  • Lastly, configure your Signature. Still no connection to Outlook on that part 🙂

030717 1053 NewOWAonboa4

  • Finalizing

030717 1053 NewOWAonboa5

  • All set up!

030717 1053 NewOWAonboa6

As you might notice from the above screenshots, I was using a Demo tenant, so it might take a while for the feature to hit Production servers. It’s already listed under Rolling Out on the Roadmap though, so it should happen soon!

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