A proper article on Smart links and their use with Office 365

For my latest article on ENow’s Solutions Engine blog, I’ve tried to put together all the bits and pieces involved in creating and using Smart links for your Office 365 applications. Well, at least as many as we can fit in 2000 words 🙂

Smart links have been around for ages, but for unknown to me reasons, there’s practically no proper article left on the internet that explains their use and benefits. Most of the articles on the subject that I had bookmarked are gone now and the others only cover part of the story, so I thought it’s time to have a proper article on smart links!

As usual, I’ve included as many links as possible to additional documentation, but in case you still have a trouble grasping the concept of smart links or simply have a question, drop a note here or under the original article.

Read the full article here: http://blog.enowsoftware.com/solutions-engine/using-smart-links-to-improve-the-login-process-to-office-365-applications


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