Well I am an MVP now

After getting a nomination on the Yammer Office 365 Technical Network, I have been awarded with the MVP Award for Office 365. I hope that my contributions on the OTN, Experts Exchange, this blog and the other Office 365 related resources I frequent have indeed been meaningful and have helped people. I promise I will try my best to keep doing that, and the MVP position should help me with getting more information directly from the source.

Being a humble little guy I usually have no idea what to say in such occasions, and it took me several hours to prepare a 5 sentences bio page for me. Well, at least I finally have a reason to put a picture of myself on the net. Anyway, here’s my page on the MVP Portal: https://mvp.microsoft.com/en-us/mvp/Vasil%20Michev-5001147

P.S. ​One would think that I will post the news here first, but blogging actually requires time 🙂

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