MSDN Developer subscriptions now offer 25 Office 365 licenses

In case you were not aware, the number of Office 365 licenses granted as part of the MSDN Dev subscriptions has been increased to 25. For subscriptions that are already provisioned, you can increase the number by following these steps:

    1. Login to your Office 365 Dev tenant
    2. Navigate to the Admin portal -> Billing -> Subscriptions (
    3. Select your Dev subscription, should be: Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise E3 Developer (MSDN)
    4. Check the number of licenses, if it still says 1 continue to the next step
      122116 0803 MSDNDevelop1
    1. Press the Add/Remove licenses link
    2. The right pane should load, it will look something like this:
      122116 0803 MSDNDevelop2
    1. Change the number of Total licenses to 25, either by typing the number or using the scroller buttons
    2. Wait for the pane to refresh, the end result should look like this:
      122116 0803 MSDNDevelop3
  1. Press the Submit button, after additional confirmation press the Close button
  2. Wait for the Subscriptions page to refresh, profit!

122116 0803 MSDNDevelop4

Enjoy your new benefits!

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