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Send as alias for a Shared mailbox in Exchange Online

Not sure if this has been available since the introduction of the Send As Alias feature in Microsoft 365 a while back, but it turns out you can actually use the feature with Shared mailboxes too. There are certain prerequisites … Continue reading

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Converting item and folder IDs via the Graph API

In the Exchange world, items (and folders) can be represented by several different identifiers, depending on the interface used. As detailed in the documentation, those unique-valued identifiers include: EwsId – the identifier returned in operations performed via the EWS API. … Continue reading

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Preventing users from attaching files to messages via OWA

This seems like a relatively new addition to the service, but it is now possible to block users from attaching files when composing messages in OWA. To set those restrictions, you will need to use the OWA mailbox policy cmdlets, … Continue reading

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Improved handling for Modern Attachments in OWA

Modern attachments¬†are one of the features that can have significant positive¬†impact on your productivity and collaboration with others. Instead of emailing document copies all day long just to compare a few edited paragraphs, they allow you to centrally store the … Continue reading

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Highlight and Quote actions in OWA in Office 365

I don’t usually spend much time in OWA, so perhaps these two new features have been available for a while, but this is the first time I’ve seen them pop up. Since I wasn’t able to find any documentation on … Continue reading

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