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Temporary glitch in the way Exchange Online object identities were returned

The new year greeted us with an interesting glitch, or intentional change, with the way Exchange Online PowerShell displays some properties. As first reported in this TechNet forums thread, suddenly we were seeing different values for properties such as the … Continue reading

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Change in Microsoft’s billing notification email address

Short and quick – it seems that at least some of the Billing notification emails that Microsoft is sending to Office 365 customers now come from a new email address, namely And when I say some, I do mean some … Continue reading

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Bug in the Office 365 admin portal can result in removal of admin roles

We often hear stories about the wonders of the DevOps model and how it has revolutionized the software industry. It’s really great in theory, bringing the processes of development, testing and running the service closer together, and providing benefits such … Continue reading

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Azure AD PowerShell module with support for PowerShell Core

Few months back, I did a quick review of the freshly GA’d PowerShell Core in the context of running your day-to-day Office 365 related tasks. As expected, it didn’t perform that well. Due to the various dependencies on the underlying .NET binaries, every Office … Continue reading

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Graph API adds support for transitive membership queries

In other words, you no longer need to run recursive queries and enumerate the membership of all groups in order to display a list of groups for which a particular user is a member of. Similarly, you can use a … Continue reading

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