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Graph API adds support for $count and $search query parameters

This year’s Build conference seems to be run under the “back to basics” moto, and we’ve seen some monumental improvements being announced, such as CTRL+F support for Teams (!) and similarly, a basic search query support for the Graph API. … Continue reading

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Reporting on Conditional Access policies in Microsoft 365

The Conditional Access endpoints have been available for a while in the Graph API, and while still in beta, they can be used to get a list of your CA policies or manage them. In this short article, we will … Continue reading

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Configuring retention for Office 365 audit logs

At the end of January, one of the most anticipated features in the Office 365 compliance arsenal started rolling out, namely the Longer-term retention on audit logs feature, with Roadmap ID #56794. Ever since the Unified audit log was introduced, … Continue reading

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What’s new from the last few version updates of the Azure AD and Azure AD Preview modules

It has been a while since I covered AzureAD and AzureADPreview module updates, so I figure it’s time for another article. Note that some of these might not be all that new, since my last article on the subject was … Continue reading

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Managing Azure AD Administrative Units via the Graph API

While browsing the Graph API documentation earlier today, I spotted a new addition to the \beta APIs – endpoints to manage Azure AD administrative units. For those of you that aren’t aware of AUs, here’s the one-minute version: AUs are … Continue reading

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