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Managing Azure AD Administrative Units via the Graph API

While browsing the Graph API documentation earlier today, I spotted a new addition to the \beta APIs – endpoints to manage Azure AD administrative units. For those of you that aren’t aware of AUs, here’s the one-minute version: AUs are … Continue reading

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Converting item and folder IDs via the Graph API

In the Exchange world, items (and folders) can be represented by several different identifiers, depending on the interface used. As detailed in the documentation, those unique-valued identifiers include: EwsId – the identifier returned in operations performed via the EWS API. … Continue reading

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Updated version of the ODFB shared files report PowerShell script

At the end of July, I published a “proof of concept” PowerShell script for generating a report of all shared files across all OneDrive for Business sites in the organization over at Practical 365. The script uses the Graph API … Continue reading

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Reporting on any email addresses configured for Teams and channels via the Graph API

Since apparently I’m the go-to person for everything Graph-related in the company, a colleague asked me the other day how can we report on any channels that have the email functionality enabled and correspondingly gather their email addresses. Turns out … Continue reading

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An oddity with displaying permissions entries for Azure AD integrated applications

Few days back, while trying to answer a question about a consent prompt for some application, I opened the Azure AD blade and noticed something puzzling. I don’t remember if this was a deliberate choice or by chance, but I … Continue reading

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