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Preventing users from attaching files to messages via OWA

This seems like a relatively new addition to the service, but it is now possible to block users from attaching files when composing messages in OWA. To set those restrictions, you will need to use the OWA mailbox policy cmdlets, … Continue reading

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(Classic) Skype not logging you in when using MFA as primary authentication

With the beginning of the new year, I tried to give the new Skype a chance, so I removed the classic version and took the new one for a test. I promised myself I will be patient this time, even … Continue reading

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Security and Compliance Center PowerShell finally supports Modern authentication

Modern authentication, ADAL or MFA are all different things, but often used to designate the same scenario – using additional authentication factor when logging in to Office 365. Generally speaking, the added security is a great thing, especially important for … Continue reading

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New Azure AD token defaults (and reminder of about token lifetime importance)

Few days ago, the Azure AD team announced that they are changing the default values for some of the parameters controlling token lifetimes. In a nutshell, any newly created tenants will have refresh token inactivity period of 90 days and … Continue reading

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The issue that shouldn’t have been #1 – Office digital signatures

Introducing a new series There is no doubt that we live in interesting times as the world of IT changes with faster pace than ever. Cloud, DevOps, continuous integration/deployment – it’s all so exciting. When it works. There is no … Continue reading

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