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Office 365 admins need no help (pane)

Over the past few months, Microsoft has been rolling out some updates on the help pane across different Office 365 workloads. The pane now gives you some contextual recommendations and suggestions around the top issues you might encounter, as well … Continue reading

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Managing Azure AD Administrative Units via the Graph API

While browsing the Graph API documentation earlier today, I spotted a new addition to the \beta APIs – endpoints to manage Azure AD administrative units. For those of you that aren’t aware of AUs, here’s the one-minute version: AUs are … Continue reading

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Managing folder-level permissions for Office 365 Groups

In a recent article, we discussed some recent improvements for managing Office 365 Group mailboxes via PowerShell. No, we will focus specifically on the management of folder-level permissions, but first, some history. Back when Office 365 Group first launched, the … Continue reading

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Converting item and folder IDs via the Graph API

In the Exchange world, items (and folders) can be represented by several different identifiers, depending on the interface used. As detailed in the documentation, those unique-valued identifiers include: EwsId – the identifier returned in operations performed via the EWS API. … Continue reading

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A minimum viable version of a Contact picker appears in the new OWA experience

I’ve covered Microsoft’s journey with respect to the new OWA experience in several articles here and over at Practical 365. While the overall impression is a positive one, the lack of some features left a stain on the otherwise polished … Continue reading

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