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Next round of PowerShell “inventory” scripts

For those of you that don’t follow (why!?), here’s the next round of PowerShell scripts I published. The first one addresses a gap that Microsoft has left unfilled for years now, namely reporting on any files that your OneDrive … Continue reading

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Reporting on any email addresses configured for Teams and channels via the Graph API

Since apparently I’m the go-to person for everything Graph-related in the company, a colleague asked me the other day how can we report on any channels that have the email functionality enabled and correspondingly gather their email addresses. Turns out … Continue reading

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Conditional Access has a new home – meet the Azure AD Security blade

In what seems an effort to drive adoption for the Azure Security Center, Microsoft has made some reorganizational changes in the Azure AD blade. With the added benefit of puzzling and annoying users by failing to provide any kind of … Continue reading

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Submit spam, phish and malware messages via the Security and Compliance Center

A new functionality has appeared over at the Office 365 Security and Compliance Center, namely a UI-driven method for submitting messages that made it past the various EOP layers and into user’s mailboxes. Found under the Threat management -> Submissions … Continue reading

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Renewed as MVP and the 2020 edition of Office 365 for IT Pros is out

Time for our yearly update. The good folks at Microsoft have renewed my MVP award for another year. This time around, I’m awarded for two categories: Office Apps & Services and Enterprise Mobility. This officially makes it my fifth year … Continue reading

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