Switching between Office 365 Plans via PowerShell

​I had the pleasure of working with Senior Microsoft PFE Tino Donderwinkel few days ago, and it was a valuable experience for me.

The businness need we were facing was simple: one of our customers had parted ways with their ‘mother’ company and signed a new contract with Office 365. They were currently using the E1 plan and wanted to switch to the newly purchased E3 licenses. Simple enough task – every Office 365 administrator is aware of how to do this with PowerShell of from the Admin portal, both with respect to a single user or in bulk.

Here’s the catch: they wanted to make sure that users retain the exact same licensing options as before. For example, users that only had Exchange Online license, should only get the E3 Exchange license. As you can imagine, there are quite a lot of combinations there. My original idea was to filter users based on the current licenses, then run a script to bulk change their licenses in groups. Tino however came up with a more elegant solution, so without further ado:

Tino’s blog post on the Cloud PFE blog

Link to the actual script on TechNet Script Center

The script also includes the option to disable particular license for all users, such as the Office 365 RMS service for example. In my opninion, it’s a very good example and will be of interest to many Office 365 administrators.

Thanks Tino!

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